DIMENSIONS Autumn 2000


by Julie Cleveland

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, June van Leynseele's first response is "Everything." June is the Research Project Coordinator for STAR: Staff Training in Assisted Living Facilities. This project, funded by the Alzheimer's Association, is a treatment trial for a training program to help staff members in assisted living facilities understand and deal with difficult behaviors associated with Alzheimer's disease or other dementia. Working for Dr. Linda Teri in the de Tornyay Center on Healthy Aging at the UW School of Nursing, June is responsible for making sure all aspects of the project are completed in conformity with research protocol.

June received her master's degree in sociology at the University of Washington in the field of gerontology and has been working at the UW on a part-time basis since 1993. Before coming to the UW on a full-time basis, she worked at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for about ten years in project management and survey research in cancer prevention. Wanting to get back into the field of aging, June returned to work at the UW full-time in January of this year.

When not working, June enjoys gardening, sewing, hiking and traveling with her husband, and interacting with her five grandchildren. June turned 60 this year and spent her birthday traveling with her husband in England. June has lived through child raising and finishing her graduate education and now revels in being in the work place and contributing to research efforts. June states, "I'm an older worker, an older person, and I'm glad to be able to keep contributing. I believe I bring energy, enthusiasm, and experience to this field of healthy aging, and I hope to continue for a number of years to come."

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