DIMENSIONS Autumn 2002

UW ADRC Provides Outreach to Blackfeet Tribe

by Rebecca Logsdon, Ph.D.

One of the missions of the Education Core of the UW ADRC is to provide outreach and education to rural, minority, and underserved communities. For the past four years, we have partnered with the Blackfeet Indian Tribe in Browning, Montana, to assist with community workshops, provide educational materials, and consult with health-care providers about caring for elders with dementia. This summer, Dr. Rebecca Logsdon, ADRC Education Core faculty, was keynote speaker for the First Annual Blackfeet Senior Wellness Conference, at the Eagle Shield Senior Center in Browning. The Eagle Shield Center provides residential care and assisted living to members of the Blackfeet Tribe who are no longer able to live independently. Also housed in the Center are a number of programs open to all elders in the community, including meals, a fitness and exercise program, nutrition and health care consultations, and social activities. Over 150 people attended the two-day Senior Wellness Conference, and topics included Dr. Logsdon's presentation on "Memory, Thinking, and Healthy Aging," local health-care providers speaking about breast cancer screening and prevention, osteoporosis prevention and bone density screening, and alternative medicine and traditional Native American herbal approaches to health care. We greatly value this partnership, and will continue to work with the Blackfeet Wellness Program to help improve the quality of life of their elders.

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