DIMENSIONS Autumn 2001

Dr. Martin Appointed Editor-in-Chief for New Science Website

by Julie Cleveland

photo of Dr. George M. Martin

The journal Science has been committed to presenting the latest information on research findings and science policy for over 100 years. It is one of the most frequently cited, and highest impact, journals in the world. Recently, Science has broadened its realm beyond the printed page to the Internet, to deliver information in a rapid, engaging and interactive format. The staffs of Science, Science Online, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) are developing a series of Websites designed to provide a highly interconnected resource for researchers in specific sub-disciplines. These sites are called Science's Knowledge Environments (KEs).

The newest KE is the Science of Aging (SAGE KE) Website. UW ADRC Associate Director, George M. Martin, has been appointed editor-in-chief of the Website, which was launched on Oct. 3. The SAGE KE Website is a resource for researchers in the field of the biology of aging. Its goal is to provide information on the best and latest research in the field, and to provide a platform for researchers to collaborate, stimulate new research, and thus advance biology of aging research.

Dr. Martin is a professor at the UW Department of Pathology, and adjunct professor in Genetics. As editor-in-chief for SAGE KE, he is responsible for appointing members of the scientific advisory board, reviewing materials with the editors, screening the literature, and helping solicit reviews and contributions to the Website.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish with the SAGE KE Website, Dr. Martin remarked, "I would really like to see it as a place that makes life easier for my colleagues." He continued, "People are increasingly frustrated by the difficulty of getting on top of the literature. I hope that SAGE will help alert us to what's happening in the immediate world of biogerontology. I hope it expedites research in the field, more critical reviews and commentary on what's actually been published, and collaboration and sharing of research materials and resources."

SAGE KE is funded by the Ellison Medical Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports research on aging and global infectious disease. For more information on the SAGE KE site visit http://sageke.sciencemag.org.

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