DIMENSIONS Autumn 2001

Free National Institute on Aging Guides

Talking with your Doctor: A Guide for Older People

Learn how to communicate effectively with your doctor and take an active role in your health with the help of the National Institute on Aging's (NIA) booklet, "Talking with your Doctor: A Guide for Older People." The booklet is full of tips in areas such as: choosing a doctor you can talk to and why it matters; tips for good communication; getting started with a new doctor by sharing your medical history, medications, and habits; talking about your health in both physical and emotional terms; and discussing sensitive subjects such as depression, sexual function, and incontinence.

For copies of this booklet, call the NIA Information Center weekdays between 8:30 am and 5 pm eastern time, toll free at 800-222-2225 or TTY 800-222-4225. The booklet can also be ordered by email at: niaic@jbsl.com

Progress Report on Alzheimer's Disease, 2000

The NIA's Progress Report on Alzheimer's Disease, 2000 is an informative publication to use as a background for reporting on Alzheimer's disease. The report presents important scientific advances and information about four pieces of the puzzle that are falling into place: the main characteristics of AD; its causes; how to diagnose AD; and how to treat it. The report offers a brief outlook on future AD research and lists more than 100 references. To receive a free copy, call the ADEAR Center, toll-free, at 800-438-4380 between 8:30 am and 5 pm weekdays, eastern time or visit the ADEAR Center website at: www.alzheimers.org

The NIA is part of the Department of Health and Human Services' National Institutes of Health. The NIA is the lead federal agency supporting and conducting biomedical, social, and behavioral research and training related to aging and the diseases and special needs of older people. Visit the NIA website at: www.nih.gov/nia

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