by Sue McCurry, Ph.D.

Congratulations to ADRC investigators who have recently received the following new grants:

Glucose Regulation and Memory in Alzheimer's Disease.
P.I.: Suzanne Craft, Ph.D. Funding dates 4/2000 - 3/2005. National Institute of Aging.
Previous studies have found that insulin, the hormone which regulates sugar use by the body and the brain, may not be working normally in adults with Alzheimer's disease. This new study will look at how insulin affects the levels of one protein that accumulates in the brain of AD patients. For more information about study enrollment, contact Karla Grimwood at 206-764-2809.

Alzheimer' Disease Coordinating Center.
P.I.: Bud Kukull, Ph.D. Funding Dates 7/1999 - 6/2004. National Institute on Aging.
The Alzheimer's Disease Coordinating Center is designed to foster collaborative research based on previously collected data, and to design and coordinate new multi-center research projects. All of the Alzheimer's Disease Centers in the United States will participate in this effort.

Dementia Care Pilot Project in Boarding Homes.
P.I.: Rebecca Logsdon, Ph.D. Funding dates 9/1999 - 8/2001. Aging and Adult Services Administration, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.
Prior small-scale demonstration projects indicate that special dementia programs for individuals who live in assisted living facilities may improve resident function and/or delay the need for nursing home placement. This project examines the benefits of a special dementia program for a sample of Medicaid recipients with dementia in boarding homes and assisted living facilities throughout Washington State.

Modulation of the Expression of FE65, a Facilitator of Beta Amyloidogenesis.
P.I.: George Martin, M.D. Funding dates 9/1999 - 8/2002. Alzheimer's Association Temple Award.
The ultimate goal of this study is to identify promising targets for intervention in order to retard the rate of production of beta amyloid, a neurotoxic peptide widely believed to play a primary role in the development of Alzheimer's disease. For information on study enrollment, contact Beth Hutchings at 206-764-2069.

Treating Neuropsychiatric Problems in Dementia.
P.I.: Susan McCurry, Ph.D. Funding dates 6/1999 - 5/2004. National Institute of Mental Health.
Sleep disturbances are a common problem in persons who have Alzheimer's disease and can interfere with caregivers' ability to keep demented individuals at home. This study will evaluate the effectiveness of a combination of behavioral and somatic treatment for improving sleep in AD patients.

Behavior Management Techniques in the Treatment of AD.
P.I.: Linda Teri, Ph.D. Funding dates 8/1999 - 7/2004. Alzheimer's Association Pioneer Award.
Psychiatric disturbances such as depression and anxiety in patients with Alzheimer's disease negatively impact patient functioning, undermine caregiver well-being, and interfere with delivery of care. A program is currently underway to adapt methods of community-based patient care to better help individuals residing in assisted living centers.

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