DIMENSIONS Summer 2001


The UW ADRC Public Forum was held on May 2, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Shorline Conference Center. Over 200 people attended! The programwas introduced by Dr. Linda Teri, director of the Training and Information Core of the ADRC.

The first speaker of the nightw as Dr. Tom Bird, professor of neurology, on " Alzheimer's Disease: What We Know NOW about What Causes It." Dr. Bird presented new information about the nature of an inherited form of AD, called "familial AD." Advances in our understanding of the chromosomes associated with the inheritablity of AD have been substantial in recent years. Although rarer than the "sporadic" AD (the one that is not inherited), research on this type of the disease provides critical information that will hopefully lead to earlier treatments for all victims of the disease.

The second speaker of the night was Dr. James Leverenz, assistant professor of neurology and psychiatry & behavioral sciences, on "Alzbeimer's Disease: How to Treat It? Recent Advances in Medical Treatment and Patient Care". Dr. Leverenz focused on the medical treatments available now and on the horizon. Despite tremendous advances in recent years, a cure for AD is still heavily dependent on further research. Current treatments focus on helping ameliorate the cognitive and behavioral symptoms so common in persons with AD. Questions and answers following both presentations were lively. Plans for next year's forum are already under way.

One new feature introduced this year will be repeated: the addition of interpreters for translating the presentations to those in the audience with hearing impairments. Next year's presentations will focus on caregiver education programs designed to help patients with the disease live safer, happier lives. Look for announcements of our next Forum - Spring, 2002!

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