DIMENSIONS Summer 2003

Meet Molly Wamble

by Julie Cleveland

photo of Molly Wamble

Molly Wamble is the research program manager for the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC) & the Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC). Although she has only been in this position since June of 2002, Wamble has been working for the director of these Centers, Dr. Murray Raskind, for 11 years. She graduated from the University of Washington (UW) with a BA of fine arts in graphic design.

Wamble is an integral part of the Centers, and her duties are as complex, varied and demanding as the ebb and flow of research itself. She monitors the financial resources of the ADRC and extended research program, oversees the administrative and financial staff, and provides administrative support to many of the investigators involved with the research program. In this regard, she develops complex budgets, and coordinates the development of grants and contracts, making sure that they comply with the UW, Veterans Administration, and National Institute of Health regulations. A major aspect of Wamble's job is to keep an eye on the overall picture of the program and provide feedback to the Director. Wamble says, "I sort of think of myself as an air traffic controller who watches the planes fly over at the airport. I have to keep my thumb on all the little pieces and also keep track of the big picture."

Wamble has been busy planning her wedding for the past year, and got married in May. Now that her free time has opened up, she has been refocusing on her love of art. She has taken two years of beginning ceramics classes, and is a collector of paper and paper crafts. Wamble feels that her graphic design background gives her the unique ability to visualize the structure of a complex research program with a different perspective.

What Wamble likes most about her job is being able to see the overall picture of the research program. She states, "I've had the inside angle on how it works to run studies, and be involved with the data, but having this view of it is really fascinating. Seeing the grants become funded, and seeing the mechanics of the whole organization working is what I really like about it."

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