DIMENSIONS Summer 2005


by Julie Cleveland

photo of Grace Kim

Grace Kim has three major responsibilities at the UW Alzheimerís Disease Research Center, all equally important: Outreach and recruitment efforts, telephone screening of potential research subjects, and psychometric testing of research participants at the ADRC clinic. For outreach, Grace meets with agencies and organizations in the community such as churches, community centers, libraries and retirement homes to help raise awareness of the ADRC and research. Many research volunteers initially meet Grace on the telephone, as she calls to tell them about the exciting research projects going on in the ADRC. Her friendly and caring attitude help people feel welcome and comfortable as they decide whether to become involved in the latest project.

What Grace enjoys most about her work is her interactions with research participants. Whether on the phone, or in person for psychometric testing, she works to make research participation a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Grace has been with the ADRC for over a year, and at the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System (VA) since 2000. She has a masterís degree in counseling psychology, with a focus on human development and adolescence. Although she started out working with at-risk youth and adolescents in juvenile detention centers and schools, Grace soon became interested in psychiatric problems in adults. She joined the team at the VA because she wanted to become involved in both research and clinical work, and her job with the ADRC is the perfect combination the two.

Outside of work, Grace enjoys reading, watching films, hiking and camping. The most significant recent event for Grace was marrying her hiking partner (whom she met at a mental health workshop at the VA four-and-one-half years ago). They recently returned from their honeymoon in Greece, so next time you see Grace be sure to ask to see her photos!

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