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DIMENSIONS (Summer 2008):

DIMENSIONS (Summer 2008) (PDF file opens in new window)

To Our Readers...
As of August 1, 2008, we have stepped down from co-directing the Education and Information Transfer Core of the UW ADRC. We have passed the baton to our very capable colleagues at the ADRC. We made the decision because of our increasing involvement in administrative responsibilities in our home department within the School of Nursing, and because of the growing demands of our behavioral and psychosocial research studies. We remain very committed to educating both professionals and families about psychosocial interventions to improve the lives of individuals with cognitive impairment and their caregivers, and we look forward to continuing our involvement with community partners and colleagues around the country as we expand our translational research efforts.

Linda Teri, PhD, Director
Rebecca Logsdon, PhD, Co-Director
Training and Information Transfer Core, UW ADRC
Future contact information for DIMENSIONS:
Andrew David, 206-768-5098 or Andrew.David@va.gov
Contact information for the ADRC remains 1-800-317-5382 or wamble@u.washington.edu