DIMENSIONS Spring 2002

Visiting Scholar

On Jan. 18, Dr. Peter Whitehouse, professor of neurology at Case Western Reserve University, presented "The End of Alzheimer's Disease and New Treatment for Age-Related Learning Problems -- Our Intergenerational School" to the University of Washington School of Nursing. Over 100 faculty and students from nursing, medicine and other health disciplines attended.

Whitehouse presented a stimulating review of existing research on the genetics and biology of Alzheimer's disease (AD). He also discussed the importance of understanding AD in a larger psycho-social-cultural context. One way to do so is through understanding the personal experiences of people with AD. As Whitehouse stated, "putting a face to the disease" will enhance our understanding and care.

One of the innovative areas of clinical care and research that Whitehouse discussed was the Intergenerational School he founded and co-directs with his wife in Cleveland, Ohio. This school offers a unique opportunity for young and old to be together in an enriched learning environment. While this may not be the "end of AD," it may be an end to the loneliness and despair that so often accompany it.

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