DIMENSIONS Spring 2002

Book Review: Aging with Grace

by Madaleine Lippert, RN, MSN

Note: Each issue of Dimensions features a contribution from one of the Alzheimer's groups in Washington. This article is reprinted with permission from the Alzheimer Society of Washington (ASW).

"AGING WITH GRACE: What the Nun study teaches us about leading longer, healthier lives." Author: David Snowdon, Ph.D.

David Snowden began a remarkable long-term scientific study in 1986 with 678 Catholic sisters that resulted in what is known as the "Nun's Study." It has changed how we look at aging, old age, and Alzheimer's disease (AD).

This fascinating book combines high-tech brain research with heartfelt life stories of aging nuns from the ages of 75 to 106. These bright, articulate and altruistic women allowed their personal and medical lives to be studied, and agreed to donate their brains upon their death for further study.

Dr. Snowden and his associates worked to find answers to questions like:

Reading "Aging With Grace" can show you that old age doesn't have to mean an inevitable decline into illness and disability. Old age can be a time of renewal, promise, productivity, intellectual and spiritual growth - a time of grace. As the author learned from the nuns, it is a time of watching with a knowing eye, accepting lessons life has taught and an opportunity to pass them along to the generations to follow.

This book is one of the most informative and inspiring books I have ever read. I recommend it as an important book for you to read - place it on the top of your list of things "to do" very soon.

To order "Aging With Grace" please send $29.14 (includes s&h) to the Alzheimer Society Of Washington, PO Box 4104, Bellingham, WA 98227 or call (360) 671-3316 to request a book list.

Madaleine Lippert RN, MSN, is a retired geriatric mental health specialist. She is a member of the Board of Directors and education director for the Alzheimer Society of Washington.

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