DIMENSIONS Spring 2009

Education Core - Changes in Staff

For nearly twenty-five years, Linda Teri, PhD, has directed the Education Core of the University of Washington Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. With the help of Rebecca Logsdon, PhD, Cat Olcott, Amy Moore, and Elizabeth Sharpe, Dr. Teri built the Education Core into an important source of information and training for individuals who are concerned about Alzheimer’s disease.

During this time, the Education Core has held an annual educational public forum, sponsored professional and community educational activities, maintained the UW ADRC Web site, and published the Dimensions newsletter and other educational and training materials for professionals, families, and caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s disease.

Because of their increased responsibilities in the School of Nursing, Dr. Teri and her colleagues have passed the leadership of the Core on to a new group of Alzheimer’s experts. James Leverenz, MD, a clinical neurologist who studies the degenerative effects of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and other related neurologic disorders on the brain, will take over for Dr. Teri as the director of the Education Core. Dr. Leverenz has worked in the Clinical and Neuropathology cores of the UW ADRC for over 15 years. He came back to his hometown of Seattle after a residency in Neurology at the Cornell New York Hospital in Manhattan and a Neuropathology Fellowship at the University of Chicago in 1992. “I look forward to increasing my contact with patients, caregivers, and their community supports, such as the Alzheimer’s Association. We have a strong foundation on which to base our plans for this important Core of the ADRC.” Dr. Leverenz will be joined in the Education Core by Molly Chinn (ADRC Administrator), Kirsten Rohde, RN, (Editor for Dimensions), Andrew David (Associate Editor), Susan Martin (Administrative Assistant), and Annemieke Beemster Leverenz (Graphics Designer).

While we are new to the Education Core, most of us have worked with the ADRC for over 10 years. We are passionate about serving the interests of the Alzheimer’s disease community through the Dimensions newsletter, educational opportunities for professionals and families, and enhanced training experiences for junior faculty. We will also provide timely information about research opportunities for volunteers with and without Alzheimer’s disease. Indeed, a major focus of our work is to ensure that you are familiar with studies in which you can participate to help advance knowledge about this devastating disease. We are also excited to continue working collaboratively with other organizations in the field.

Please contact Kirsten Rohde at krohde@u.washington.edu with comments about the Dimensions newsletter. We welcome your feedback as we carry on the fine tradition of the UW ADRC Education Core.

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