DIMENSIONS Winter 2003

Meet Julie Cleveland, Dimensions Editor

by Jenee Hoard

photo of Julie Cleveland

Julie Cleveland graduated from Western Washington University in 1996, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. Although her first job out of college was supervising at-risk teens in a group home, she soon found her niche as a research study assistant with Dr. Linda Teri's research group at the University of Washington ADRC. Over the past five years, Julie has assisted with a number of different projects, and has become an expert at interviewing people with dementia and their caregivers. She still interviews subjects who are participating in research, but is now also a study coordinator, providing assistance with enrolling and tracking research volunteers, checking data collected by other interviewers, and developing topics and supervising the production of the ADRC newsletter, Dimensions. Through all this, she can be counted on for a constant positive attitude and bright smile.

When asked what appeals most to her about her job, Julie responded: "I think I've always gotten along well with older adults...I've always had a lot of respect and admiration for them. I love to be near them because my own extended family is so far away."

Research participants who meet with Julie often convey their appreciation for her to supervisor Amy Moore, who says: "It is great to know that Julie, as a representative of the University of Wa-shington, is making such a positive impression upon so many people in the community through our research studies." Julie's rapport with the volunteers is likely related to her enjoyment working with older adults. Cleveland comments, "I really like working with older adults because they have a lot of wisdom and are very real and honest. They give me a good perspective on what's important in life and what is not."

As editor of Dimensions, Julie can always be counted on to produce an interesting, informative newsletter, and get it out on time. She has made an extra effort to learn a variety of skills, including editing, layout, and even photography, in order to improve the quality of the publication. Even more importantly, she works with each edition's contributors to ensure that the articles are accurate, timely, and understandable.

But, there is more to Julie Cleveland than just a great employee profile. She is a lively and engaged individual outside of the workplace as well. Her passions include scrapbooking, salsa dancing, listening to music, yoga, and photography. Julie learned yoga on a trip to Hawaii with her father and has since made it a regular part of her busy life. She is also an aspiring photographer and has taken photography classes for the last few years. The excellence of her photography has been recognized in its selection for display at several art exhibits, including one recently at the UW campus. "It's a main hobby of mine," she says. "I love black and white and color photography. I'm particularly interested in taking portraits of people."

When asked what she would like to say to the readers of Dimensions, Cleveland replied: "I feel fortunate to have worked with so many great people who are volunteering and making a difference with their contribution ...sometimes it's hard for them to see that when I'm just sitting there asking them questions, but they really do make a difference."

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